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About the enterprise

The company manufactured and exports quality handmade Leather Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Canvas Items etc. In order to obtain the quality and excellence associated with the company’s products, we are able to control the entire production process through its vertical structure starting from the raw materials to the distribution of the finished products.


Inspirational value and impact

What has made Mahesh Handicrafts successful is that they have always kept themselves relevant. Presently 20 permanent local artisans are engaged as employees while they hire contract-based workers, to provide livelihoods to the communities. As Ashok points out, ‘I know what makes an artisan happy, I am one of them.’ The common dining area for everyone at Mahesh Handicrafts is a space for sharing ideas, solutions, concerns etc. They do not use harmful chemicals in any process of production. They give the design and the material to the local artisan community of around 350 families, who work on each piece of leather as per the design and bring back to Mahesh Handicrafts. The artisans are paid per piece and the charges differ based on the design and intricacy involved.


The waste and left-over leather pieces are used consciously. The enterprise tries to make maximum use of leftover scraps of leather and other raw materials in the furniture. Some of the scrap is converted into footballs and rugby balls. The remaining leather is sent to specific communities that make traditional Jodhpuri mojaris, helping them reduce the cost of production for the handcrafted footwear.

Mr. Ashok volunteers with an NGO called Jodhpur Leather-works Society and Smart Mojari of FDDI (Footwear Design and Development Institute) to improve the lives of the artisans and imbibe the entrepreneurial culture in them. Ashok also shares his story and experiences to the youth of Jodhpur through JHKA and by speaking at various college events.

Our Journey

Mahesh Handicraft, Jodhpur, was established in the year 2006, under the Proprietorship of Mr. Ashok Chouhan, patronage of his father Shri Tikam Dass Chouhan and exclusive support of his brothers Mr. Arjun Chouhan and Mr. Mahesh Chouhan. Starting his carrier in a modest way in 1998 as a Leather Work Artisan, Mr. Ashok Chouhan, launched his own company in 2006 and up to 2011, his business remained limited only upto domestic market. As an aspiring Entrepreneur, with a dream to grow further, he decided to enter the Export market with the help of his strong and determined family team. It is only due to the strong will to excel, devotion, dedication, conviction and tireless efforts of the team that the company is exporting goods in 55 countries.


Process of production

Goat leather, the main raw material used, is purchased from several villages in Rajasthan where tanning of leather is done using traditional methods. Cow and buffalo leather are purchased from Government certified tanneries across India. The wooden or metal structure of the furniture is made locally in another unit of Mahesh handicrafts. In most cases the design is provided by the client, along with specifications. All the process of cutting the leather as per the design, dyeing, stitching, and coating the furniture with leather are done by local artisans.


Our Key Customers  

MAISONS DU MONDE                           -    FRANCE


SPHERE                                                -    FRANCE

P D GLOBAL                                          -    U.K

HOBBY LOBBY                                       -    U S A


Thank you!

Ashok Chouhan

Mahesh Handicrafts

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